"If you are ever looking for a physical theatre teacher, Brodin should be at the top of your list."
~Chris Lueck, Founder & co-producer of The New York Downtown Clown


All master classes and workshops can be designed for teachers and students (Grades 5-12) and can be anywhere between a few hours to several weeks depending on your needs. Please contact Tara directly to book a workshop. Download a pamphlet of available workshops in PDF format here.

Unleash Your Inner Clown (Modern Clowning)

Year 8-adult

Explore the clown world: honor the now, obey impulse, create, and unleash inhibitions all while wearing the smallest mask in the world. Take pleasure in being ridiculous and find out what is uniquely funny about YOU! Clown training is essential for actors, improvisers, educators or anyone looking to unleash their spirit of play. Note: Clown noses cost $1USD/nose.

Not Your Mama's Improv! (Keith Johnstone Based)

Year 8-adult

IMPROVISATION techniques can teach actor's EVERYTHING they need they need to know! Participants will learn the meaning of the mantra: Listen! Care! Drive the story! Play! as they engage in exercises designed to develop listening skills, characterization, narrative, spontaneity, creating environments and teamwork. In exploring the core improvisation rule that comedy comes out of the seriousness of the situation and emotional truth, participants will gain an understanding of basic improvisation concepts, such as building a platform, breaking the routine, raising the stakes, reincorporation, sidetracking, shelving and more.

You Can't Handle the Truth (Unlocking the Text: Monologues, Scene Study & Text Analysis)

Year 10-Adult

In this active workshop participants will engage in a plethora of techniques from the teachings of Grotowski and Stanislavski to explore the truth "behind the text." Actors and directors share the task of breaking down text and analyzing the script to discover keys for developing truthful and interesting characters. Participants may use previously prepared monologues and/or scenes, as well as prescribed scenes and monologues. Participants will learn a monologue in a matter of minutes using imagery techniques and body memory. Concepts such as: verbing, voweling, tasking, objectives, obstacles, tactics, units and beats will also be explored. Learn to listen and react honestly in the moment and to just say, "NO!" to bad acting habits.

What Do I Do with My Hands? (Character Incarnation)

Year 8-Adult

Stop merely acting from the neck up! The body and voice work together as one instrument to create memorable characters. Incorporating Laban's principles of movement, props, masks, costumes, improvisation, visualization, status, ensemble, accents, physical theatre and observation, participants will learn to let their character inhabit their full body from the tips of their toes to the tops of their heads.

Back to the Future: Playing with the Time-Space Continuum (Devising/Playwrighting)

Year 10-Adult

Using the stimuli of time and space, participants will create, direct, design and perform their own pieces. Participants will explore their central metaphor/symbol through improvisation, free association, timed writings, choral speech, movement, tableau, monologue, poetry, song, scenes, multi-media and non-naturalistic theatre styles. In addition, they will experience the importance of environment and the actor-audience relationship.

The Four Seasons: Not a Vivaldi Concerto! (Creative Movement)

Year 7-Adult

The body is the actor’s most powerful instrument! Participants will develop a new understanding of their ability to express and engage an audience without saying a word. Using the image of the four seasons as well as Ovid’s Metamorphoses, we will explore movement and the importance of positive and negative space, weight, direction, and tempo through a variety of improvisations.

It's All Greek to Me! (Choral Speech/Physical theatre)

Year 7-Adult

Gaining an understanding about resonance and placement and that the body and voice work together as one instrument, participants will sing, act and even dance to explore the expressive power of their voices. A poem will be realized using physical theatre to further free the voice. In addition, participants will learn the techniques of choral speech and the joy of working as an ensemble.

Happily Ever After... (Story Building/Devising)

Year 6-12

Learn how stories and scripts are constructed through a series of playful improvisations and exercises.

What Lies Beneath (Understanding Subtext & Text)

Year 5-9

We will uncover what lies beneath the text through exploring the given circumstances, gibberish, and open scenes.

KA POW! (Stage Combat for Beginners)

Year 10-adult

Learn basic brawling techniques: Slaps, grabs, chokes, punches, kicks, falls and rolls. Awareness, balance, control, distance, speed and safety will also be covered.

A Sense of Direction (Directing & Working with Actors)

Year 10-12

Participants will learn the concepts of picturization, composition, and develop skills to work with actors, honor the playwright’s intention and create a directorial vision.

The Silent Zone (Physical Comedy)

Year 10-12

We will explore the body’s ability to communicate in numerous physical theatre improvisations. Both dramatic acting and physical comedy will be actively explored.

Lean on Me (Ensemble Skills)

Year 5-8

Through a series of playful improvisations, participants will learn the importance of building and working in an ensemble. Physical theatre, group storytelling, teacher in role and Neeland based theatre will also be implemented.

Sing It Out, Louise! (Musical Theatre)

Year 9-12

Learn how to put the elements of singing, acting and dancing together! Your song will soar as you learn vocal technique, text analysis, and simple movement. This workshop can be designed for large ensembles or soloists.

English on Your Feet (English Teacher Enrichment)

This workshop is designed for English teachers that are looking for theatre exercises to enrich their curriculum. We will practically explore Shakespeare, short stories and/or poetry.

Bag of Tricks! (Theatre Teacher Enrichment)

Refresh and replenish your teaching toolbox with this fun and innovative workshop. Participants will play, create and explore new exercises and units of work that can be linked to the IB theatre curriculum. We will study European clowning, improvisation, physical theatre, creative movement and more. You will leave with a resource guide and a brand new bag of tricks!

Spa for the Day (Staff Development)

A reinvigorating professional development experience designed for developing or enhancing a sense of team in the workplace. Team building, best practices, cross-curricular learning, thinking maps and learning strategies will be explored actively and practically.

NOTE: This workshop can be tailored to meet the unique needs of any staff.

Comedy Boot Camp (Theatre Program Intensive for Teens or Adults)

This workshop travels! It can happen any time and any place. We will come to you or you can come to us in New York City. We will focus on COMEDY in the forms of European clowning, physical comedy, improvisation, and stand-up comedy. This workshop can be geared for 3 days to one-week. In this boot camp you will lose your inhibitions, but there will be no sergeant barking orders at you!

"When adults ask, 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' They're just looking for clues themselves." ~Paula Poundstone