"Tara was amazing with my kids. She had them eating out of the palm of her hands from the moment she said hello. Her classroom management techniques are spectacular, and she finds time to praise every single child in her workshops. I would highly recommend bringing her in to work with your students."
~Dean Krawchuk, Victoria School of Performing & Visual Arts, Canada


"The Clown Playground last night was awesome! Tara Brodin led the class through an exciting, fun, and informative evening. I can't say enough good things about her teaching. She created a wonderful safe environment for the students to play and discover in. Each student found beautiful and authentic moments of play and pure impulse.

Her class was fantastic. If you are ever looking for a physical theater teacher... Brodin should be at the top of your list. We all had a blast. As an educator myself I really enjoyed the clarity and purpose behind each game and exercise. I felt the workshop explored the topic of impulse and performance in a number of ways that progressed nicely and built upon each other perfectly. All the students left wanting more."

~Chris Lueck, Founder and co-producer of New York Downtown Clown

"Tara is quite simply one of the most gifted teachers I have had the privilege to work with in my twenty years of teaching experience; and eight years of experience running ISTA. Firstly her teaching is grounded in sound pedagogical practice and understanding. She is a fine communicator, develops a strong relationship with all young people, and has a rapport with students that makes them feel valued as learners.

She is passionate about her subject, demands discipline from them and challenges them, and yet fosters a caring and supportive learning environment in which students thrive. Students adore working with her; they respect her as both an artist and a teacher, feel supported by her, and are confident to take risks, ask questions and develop skills and understandings in a structured and guided manner. She is the kind of teacher students will remember working with into their adult lives; she makes such a profound impact on the young people she works with."

~Sally Robertson, ISTA CEO, England

"Tara Brodin brings joy, energy and passion to everything she does, infecting us with her playful spirit and joie de vivre. She honors the work of students; supporting, encouraging and challenging them in their work. It is easy to take risks when you trust your leader. Our students loved her! As an administrator, I found Tara a delight to work with as she is efficient, well organized and willing to accommodate the needs of our students. With extensive training and experience in both theatre and education, she is incredibly versatile in her ability to develop programs suitable for any age group. We are already planning how to bring her back again next year!"
~Sherron Burns, Arts Education Consultant, Living Sky School Division, Saskatchewan, Canada

"The one-day clown workshop Tara taught our IB students gave them a real taster of both the sheer fun and total engagement involved in clown technique and performance. Tara challenged the students to draw on their spontaneous creativity and risk exploring new ways of performing. I have rarely seen students so totally committed to the moment. This whetted their appetites for more and they discovered the joy in giving yourself the permission to play. This was serious clowning at its best." ~Anne Mason, St. John's International School, Belgium


"Tara is a wonderful, talented, inspiring and innovative workshop leader! Her visit to our school opened up the students to a new way of thinking. Weeks after their work with Tara, they are still talking about and using clowning: exploring physical theatre in new ways, creating characters outside of the box and implementing clowning techniques in their everyday theatre work.

The hands-on technique of her work allowed my students to not just learn about clowning, but to experience it for themselves! As one of my students remarked: 'It's okay to let go!' I learned so much from her, as well! She allowed me to create and interact with my students in a new way. I took away with me some new exercises and techniques that I now use everyday! She awoke my inner clown and I have never felt more alive! Tara is an all around wonder! A great teacher, artist and leader! I cannot wait until my students and I have the opportunity to work with her again! I highly recommend this talented clown and artist for any theatre program!"

~Asha Lynch, Zurich International School, Switzerland

"MUCHAS GRACIAS for the most wonderful clown workshop ever! I wish we could have had a whole week with Tara releasing our fears and getting into clown! I was moved by how much my students enjoyed the chance to do things differently, to get out of the classroom, to be creative and most of all to be them selves!"
~Paola Lopez Horta, The American School of the Hague, Netherlands

"Tara is a master teacher who adjusts her energy to the needs of the students mid-workshop and keeps her circle of awareness full and safe. Tara worked with a class of students who had been together for a semester but had never really connected. During her Inner Clown workshop, the students transformed; it was magical. The next day their teacher said they were a different group, happy and more open to her, and each other, than ever."
~Anthony Cunningham, The American School of the Hague, Netherlands

"Tara wasn't just brilliant; she was inspirational! Tara's positive energy knows no limits, giving empowerment and ownership to all those she works with."
~Jez Gregg, Calder High School, England

"Tara Brodin offers a unique workshop in clowning. I must admit the thought of clowning sounded goofy to me - but after taking her workshop I understand what an important tool having an inner clown can be. It has benefitted me as an actress, teacher and parent! I had the most fun in years getting in touch with my inner clown that I wanted to share that experience with my high school students. They reluctantly took the workshop and fell in love with Tara and her teaching style. She related well to all ages and levels of students. I hope we can have her back again soon."
~Jan Ewing, North Hall High School, Georgia

"An incredibly energetic instructor who breathes life and love into the world of clowning. Your students will be asking when she will come again even before the session is over. Absolutely amazing workshop!"
~Patty Schubert, Garland High School, Texas


"They were like little sponges! That is the only way to describe my students' reactions to two days of workshops with Tara. In some classes the focus was clowning, in others ensemble and physical theatre; but in all classes the students came away excited, full but wanting more. As a teacher, whose students have benefited from many ISTA festivals and have had opportunities to work with many very talented theater artists, I have learned the true test of a workshop is not what the students leave with but where their work goes after the workshop is over. Every student, who worked with Tara, came back to class wanting to take what he or she had learned from the workshop and use it to devise and/ or enhance their own performance. The great thing about this was not only did my students receive amazing workshops; Tara had made sure I was left with enough material to continue and build upon her work. In short, both our students and we drama teachers grew from the experience with working with Tara!"
~Randy Moss, International School of Penang, Malaysia

"Tara's workshops are amazing! We just completed an intense two-day event that left my students breathless with excitement. My students are still talking about the wonderful things that happened and are insisting that I start working on getting [Tara] for another round of workshops. I highly recommend that educators take advantage of what is being offered. You won't regret it!!!!"
~Jackie Gordon, Sol C Johnson High School, Georgia

"I loved your workshop. The little plastic nose is still sitting on my desk at school and there have been many days that I have turned around, become my inner clown, and turned back with the nose to teach a lesson. It is remarkable how I really see life differently with that little nose on my face! Your class deepened my appreciation for storytelling non-verbally. I have also looked at clowns in an entirely new light. I took to heart the story you spoke of when you said that a person carries their life story on their face. I have really looked at faces more. The faces of the young people I teach, their parents at conferences, the faces of teachers in the building, and the faces of my own family. By doing this I have become much more intuitive and "tuned in" to what they are feeling as I speak with them and this has softened my approach to dealing with people. Your workshop was the catalyst for me stopping to look and listen first—then, respond. This was a lesson that has improved every aspect of my life. Thank you."
~Jennifer Bjorn, Hand Middle School, SC


"I loved Tara's workshop, it was brilliant!"
~Rachel Cooper, Lower Richland High School, SC

"Thanks for awakening my inner clown!"
~David Wright, AVTA, California

"Tara's workshop was helpful to me both professionally and personally."
~Deb Reed, Daphne High School, Florida

"I now have a bag of tricks."
~Melissa Kleckner, University of Alberta, Canada

"What a brilliant day! Tara has inspired me to take clowning to my year one primary school children. Thank you so much for a fantastic, fun and inspiring workshop."
~Rachael Lockley, MMU, England

"Thank you again for a great session (Masterclass) at IB London TaPS! I really enjoyed it, and it is definitely something that I will need in the future. We are lucky to have people like you in this world. Always positive and interacting. Your workshop was very relative and really interesting, and of course fun at the same time. You have really given me something that I will remember forever and use all the time."
~Alexander Senderovitz, St. John's International School, Belgium

"Tara Brodin in the space of one month managed to bring out the clown in me that was crawling around dying to jump out and take on the world. Tara brightens up any room with her experience, both as a person and actress. Her teachings and personality are so contagious that no one who has met her can ever escape. Her skills are transferred through putting ideas into action which is so effective and the most fun. She is such an inspiration to young theatre students!"
~Monica Hancke, Encore Theatre Program, France


"Tara has taught me many amazing techniques to use in improvisation, clown, voice, dance and make-up! What I love most about Tara is that she doesn't teach her students one correct way of doing things; she teaches the many possible ways theatre can be approached. Tara has taught me so much about theatre and so much about myself."
~Jessica Lamdon, Encore Theatre Program, France

"In the Unlocking the Text workshop I began to reconsider the way I thought about acting. I really enjoyed the exercises as they gave me new ways of creating believable characters that I'd never even thought about before."
~May McQaude, Calder High School, England

"Tara is amazingly inspirational and really helped me learn so much about drama and myself."
~Ruth Holtom, Calder High School, England

"I loved the clown workshop- it genuinely was the most fun I have had in such a long time. I felt totally care free and like I wanted to be in clown mode forever. It was so amazing to see a room full of teenagers where not a single one felt self-conscious or embarrassed to be dressed up with a clown nose on. Tara's humor and enthusiasm made me feel inspired and energized. The best workshop I have ever taken!"
~Martha Gregg, Calder High School, England

"I will definitely be using these techniques in my work!"
~Sinead O'Grady, Calder High School, England

"I felt that everything you told us, when applied to the work was extremely helpful and transformed the performance. Thanks for the extremely inspiring workshop."
~Callam Crozier, Calder High School, England

"I absolutely adored all the workshops you did with us at North Hall. I had never really considered clowning as a profession, but the class was very enlightening. The Improv workshop really opened my eyes to a lot of concepts as an actor."
~Cody Ballard, North Hall High School, Georgia


"Tara introduced me to theatre as a practice but most importantly as an art form. She opened me up to a range of approaches to theatre, especially in regards to acting. Her constant encouragement to take risks and to push for action—rather than simply thinking about it—refined my skills of emotional and physical honesty. She has instilled in me a desire to create and to always be a part of theatre."
~Lianna Makuch, Harry Ainlay High School, Canada

"She really brought me out of my shell."
~Daphne Ambrose, Harry Ainlay High School, Canada

"I've grown as an actor, a director, and most importantly... as a person."
~Adam Johnston, Harry Ainlay High School, Canada

"Ms. Brodin has taken my acting to a whole new level!"
~Reid Tansem, Harry Ainlay High School, Canada

"Ms. Brodin knows how to bring out the best actor in everyone."
~Erin Schmidt, Harry Ainlay High School, Canada