"Tara Brodin's clown, Bara Naked, is a dynamite diva! She explodes onto the stage, at once powerful and vulnerable - makes you laugh, breaks your heart, and then surprises you with her gorgeous singing voice." ~Jan Henderson, Clown teacher/Director

"Tara has a powerful and lovely clown... fierce and naughty and full of regret. Beautiful." ~Christopher Bayes, Yale School of Drama

Production Reviews


TAKING OUT THE WHITE TRASH! - Producer/Director/Dramaturge


"Genuinely funny and colourful... the audience loved her." ~Winnipeg Free Press

"She's a wonderful hybrid, a rare bird. A comic actor who is also a great stand up... this hilarious show puts a comedy nail in the coffin... hilarious and important." ~CBC WINNIPEG

"This gal is authentic, instantly likeable and undeniably funny- had me roaring with laughter." ~UPTOWN

"With a quick wit and a sharper tongue that keeps audiences engaged and entertained throughout, she'll tug at your heartstrings and make you roll in the aisles with laughter." ~VUE Magazine

"A one-woman comic barrage...Sutton lays on levels of jokes, one after the other. Often the audience, taken aback by her audacity, chuckles, then ripples into a full-bore belly laugh.She is one funny lady." ~Edmonton Sun

"a sharp script, punchily delivered by this self-described "Southern Belle Dyke," makes Taking Out the White Trash! a crowd-pleaser." ~Edmonton Journal


I'll Show Ya Crazy! - Actor/Singer

"Dazzling in diamonds, Tara Brodin in I'll Show Ya Crazy! explores the craziness of love and ambition thwarted, or remembered, by rooting around in the musical theatre repertoire, reinventing the familiar and offering less-known gems. This works beamingly... offers insights into the sliding scale of personal dysfunction that goes from minor-chord anxiety to full-throttle high-B flat nuts... There's a comic payoff, to be sure, and it's in sync with the premise. All good, tense fun." ~Edmonton Journal


Excuse Me...This is the Truth! - Producer/Director/Co-Writer

One of the Edmonton Journal's Top Fringe Picks!

"Message shines through in the truth...a sweet and delightful surprise, a funny, thoughtful coming-of-age story, an unusual romantic comedy... take it on faith, this is a charming and laugh-out-loud piece about the real meaning of love, a play that satirizes the youthful excesses of fundamentalism, without mocking faith itself."
~Edmonton Journal

"Holy cripes, it's fun stuff... First Kings meets American Pie. The funny young cast of Excuse Me takes tough issues of faith and has a good laugh about them... It's like Meatballs for Jesus... hilarious Bible camp satire...uproariously funny, a solid romantic comedy that pokes fun at religion without tearing it apart."
~Edmonton Sun

"...unusually imaginative... the unpretentious Excuse Me contains spot-on comedic timing, solid chemistry among the cast, and tremendous writing - all while delivering the good word."
~SEE Magazine

"A very funny show... the comedic timing and chemistry between the three onstage actors and their offstage "technician" is definitely something to pay attention to."
~VUE Weekly


Assassins - Actor/Singer (Sara Jane Moore)

"In terms of straight acting, my personal favourites are Tara Brodin as Moore, who has moments of Kristen Wiig-like brilliance (SNL) while bumbling towards shooting Gerald Ford." ~SEE Magazine

"A particularly hilarious pair are the would-be killers of Gerald Ford. Squeaky Fromme (Karyn Mott) and Sara Jane Moore (Tara Brodin)." ~VUE Magazine

"Karyn Mott as Squeaky Fromme (who attempted to shoot President Gerald Ford in 1975) and Tara Brodin as Sara Jane Moore (who tried the same thing 17 days later) set up a ditzy sister act that is quite comical." ~Edmonton Sun

"Mott's Squeaky Fromme and Tara Brodin's addled Sara Jane Moore are an amusing pair." ~Edmonton Journal


Don't Make Fun of Jesus - Director/Producer/Dramaturge


"...full of good stories, well-told... she has inherited the undeniable Southern knack for spinning a yarn... Sutton's stories grab you and pull you in to her world. Don't Make Fun of Jesus is funny stuff." ~Calgary Herald

"... a hilarious, one-hour stand-up of my favourites of the Fringe thus far." ~FFWD Magazine

"Sherri D. Sutton is a one woman comedic force of nature... Like a tornado, the self-described Southern Baptist Redneck Lesbian snatches the audience up and takes them on a 60-minute autobiographical standup comedy journey that's at turns heartbreaking, exhilarating, life-affirming, and always hilarious... The near-capacity crowd at Friday's show laughed as loud and as often as I've heard at a Fringe show ever... At times, applause breaks occurred for no other reason than to slow Sutton down and allow the audience to catch its breath, and regain its composure. The sustained standing ovation at the end was well-earned... Get tickets early. This is one ridiculously talented woman. My guess is it won't be long before she's elevated far above touring the Fringe circuit."
~CBC Winnipeg

"...she's funny, she's hysterical... a high energy performer...a zany blend of blue collar comedian Roseanne Barr and Texas journalist Molly Ivins..."
~Winnipeg Free Press

"Any Fringe player who garners a near-sellout and a standing O at her opening show must be doing something fact, Sherri D. Sutton does no wrong...a gut-busting 60-minute reflection on her Southern Baptist upbringing... interspersed with some of the funniest comedy bits we've heard...she's able to keep laughs flowing for the entire hour... our stomach muscles hurt again just thinking about it..." ~The Winnipeg Sun

"Sherri D. Sutton throws it all on the altar for sacrifice... challenges perceptions in all sorts of ways and includes a wildly brilliant cross-cultural take on Jack and Jill. This one is certain to make more than a few Best of the Fest lists."
~UPTOWN Magazine

"Sherri is pretty dang funny, really funny!"
~Roseanne Barr

"This woman will make you laugh. Even Jesus would get a kick out of her." ~SEE Magazine

"If Russell Peters were a white, gay woman who grew up in Georgia instead of a South Asian straight man who grew up in Brampton, he'd be Sherri D. Sutton." ~VUE Magazine

"Sutton cuts a wide conversational swath. She's funny, too. Where most comedians tend to go for the easy kill on sacred cows, Sutton actually offers up the kind of tellingly hilarious detail only someone who has lived to tell the tale could have." ~Edmonton Journal

"She is a very funny lady. The audience spent most of the hour convulsed with laughter. Me too." ~Edmonton Sun

"One of our Top Five Fringe Plays to see at this year's Fringe!" ~CBC Edmonton


VIVA LA DIVA...Sexy, Sassy & Starving! - Producer

"...Sunday's crowd couldn't get enough of the sexy, sassy and starving diva..."
~Edmonton Journal

"Diva's dish divine... Dorothy Bishop's pipes are something else, too... this lady is a tsunami and all who stand before her will be swept along... the standing ovation from the sold-out audience was deserved."
~Edmonton Sun

" impressive range... she can belt out pop standards just as well as she can classical arias... Bishop doesn't let up for a second between her songs... her energy stays just as high as her Cs."
~VUE Weekly


See Bob Run - Director

"...everything and anything should be admired about the production right from the acting to the staging. See Bob Run is clever, intelligent and incredibly moving." ~SEE Magazine

Urge to Kill - Playwright and Actor (multiple roles)

Urge to Kill

"...a pretty snazzy little black comedy that's also a psycho-thriller spun from that unmoored, surreal feeling you get when your life suddenly looks unrecognizable to you...I am sure [this play] and its creators will be back. What if McKillop and Brodin...hadn't been brave and taken it to the Fringe? We'd all have lost out." ~Edmonton Journal

"...conspiracies, paranoia, and hilarious side-characters get thrown into the mix, keeping the show alive from start to finish...the performances were spot on. Ultimately, a dark and thought-provoking work." ~SEE Magazine

"Sci-fi romp enjoyable mayhem...highly energetic...the young audience I saw it with enjoyed themselves. Me, too."
~Edmonton Sun

Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris - Singer

"Tara Brodin is the soprano. She wrings the heart when she opens her mouth. Fringe Pick of the Day! I loved it. An emotional cement mixer." ~CBC Edmonton

"Brodin's treatment of [the song] My Death is the first real highlight." ~Edmonton Journal

"The cast is wonderful...hilarious, sad and very well done." ~VUE Magazine


Richard II - Actor (Richard II)

"...both [actors] were clearly in control of the material, Brodin arrogant and haughty even in despair." ~SEE Magazine

The Woolgatherer - Actor (Rose)

"When they give out Sterlings for the Fringe, Brodin will no doubt be heavily favoured to win Best Actress for her performance as Rose...Every line she delivers is teeming with emotion, to the point where the audience hangs off her every word." ~SEE Magazine

"Fine acting weaves a mesmerizing spell ...all credit goes to Edmonton actors Tara Brodin and James Sheppard." ~Edmonton Journal

Peter Waal's Last Regret - Actor (Flame)

"As Flame, Tara Brodin stands high above the rest of the cast. She runs around in such a fevered pitch that you often forget that this play isn't about her character." ~Edmonton Sun